We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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May, 2010


The View From Your Laptop

Tonya writes, "Happy Memorial Day, rainy and dreary in Charlotte, NC. Pancakes for the hubby at 11 am, slept in late and drinking coffee. So decadent!


Baked Potato: Your Thoughts Needed

What's the best way to cook a baked potato? What toppings are best? How should the toppings be layered? Any ideas for uncoventional toppings? We want your input, and photos of your research if available. More


Outtake: Dan Litigates Oranges v. Milkshakes

Another outtake from this week's episode, "Comparing Apples and Oranges."


Sex Shop Forced to Get Food Permit to Sell Edible Underwear

A San Antonio, Texas sex shop will have to shell out for a food permit to keep offering edible underwear and other intimate treats. The owner thinks the city bureaucracy... More


Outtake: On the Origin of Fruit Varieties and Wikipedia

We edit our podcast pretty tightly, which means there are often great moments that just don't fit. That's why we like to post outtakes here on the blog, as a... More


Comparing Apples & Oranges (Episode 20)

For years they've said it can't be done. In this episode we prove them wrong, with help from The Sporkful's wacky neighbor Win Rosenfeld.


Heinz Ketchup Packet Test Video Outtake: Spreading Then Dipping

We had to cut this rather absurd exchange from our video review and field test of the new Heinz ketchup packets, but we're releasing it here for those of you... More

Food for Art for Car Product Placement’s Sake

Food for Art for Car Product Placement’s Sake

Attention West Coast. If any of you check this out, let us know if it's worthwhile artistically or foodistically. And do tell what it makes you want more: food, or... More


Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich on Wraps in The Prisoner (Outtake)

ketchup packets still

New Heinz Ketchup Packets Reviewed and Tested (VIDEO)

We got a hold of the new Heinz ketchup packets and put them through a variety of lab and field maneuvers, testing spreading, dipping, eating at a BBQ, eating in the car, and feeding to a baby. Here are the results. More