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Jun, 2010


Chicago Tribune Endorses The Sporkful

Well, not the entire paper, but columnist Eric Zorn says he's a fan. He popped in The Sporkful during a long drive with family: Almost every episode we listened to... More


Poutine / Canada Day Spectacular (Episode 25)

July 1 is Canada Day, and we're toasting our friends to the north. Dan is just back from Quebec with a crazy story about getting maple butter through airport security,... More


Poutine Meets Lasagna

Canada Day is nearly upon us, and we're celebrating with an episode on the french fry, gravy, cheese curd heavenslice known as poutine. We'll also talk about other food awesomeness... More


Poutine: A Photo Essay

This week, in honor of Canada Day (July 1), we're presenting our much-anticipated show on poutine, the beloved French Canadian creation that consists of french fries topped with cheese curds,... More


The View From Your Laptop

Jagabee Chips, Kyoto, 11:57 am. This photo comes from Ben, who compares Jagabee to potato chips shaped like french fries, available with a variety of seasonings.


Waffle Toppings (Episode 24)

What do Tron, Bob Ross, and noise cancellation headphones have in common? They are all somehow related to the art of waffle topping in this episode. After maple syrup and... More


Pineapple Queries: A 15-Year-Old Oklahoman Needs Your Help

Sam writes with these questions... I am a 15 year old from a tiny little town in Oklahoma and I love your podcast. I am a big fan of pineapple,... More


The View from Your Laptop

From Mike... Kudu burgers at Addo Elephant National Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 2:42 pm.


Name Our New Slate Segment

We're starting a regular video segment for Slate in which we test out food innovations submitted by you, our listeners. It's a segment about science and lab testing, but also... More


Buns: What Are Your Thoughts?

The week of July 4th, we're planning a show all about buns. No, not THAT kind of buns, get your mind out of the gutter! It'll be about hot dog... More