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Jul, 2010

Tortoise Being Fed With a Spoon (Video)

Tortoise Being Fed With a Spoon (Video)

This might be easier with a spork... [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMaX2ONLtME?wmode=transparent]


Ice Cream Cake, Ketchup, and Granola — It’s All in Call In Smorgasbord #2 (Ep 29)

We field calls from a man in Vancouver who despises ice cream cake, a couple in Chicago facing a condimental divide, and a woman in Montana with a philosophical query... More


Sandwiches with Ian from NPR’s Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me

A highlight of my trip to Chicago with gf Sarah was eating Italian Beef sandwiches with Ian Chillag of NPR's Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me. The whole greasy tale... More


When Potatoes (and Onions?) Attack

  The potato you love may turn on you someday. After a few days out of town, my gf and I came home to a stench in the kitchen, something... More


Cereal Mascots & Abercrombie (Outtake)

More goodies from our Cereal Technique show with TBTL's Luke Burbank. Part 2 of this show drops in two weeks!


Your iPad is Also a Plate! Presenting the iDish

See the full gallery on Posterous via Buzzfeed, Shiinaneko, and CrunchGear


Cartoonist Depicts Dan Pashman as Masked Sandwich Superhero

If cartoonist David Malki hasn't listened to The Sporkful, then he's definitely tapped into my brain. For years, I've been railing about the importance of sandwich layering as it pertains... More


The View from Your Laptop

Carmel, IN, 7:44 pm. Amy made Venetian shrimp and scallops over saffron risotto, with asparagus and garlic bread. We've always got room for your laptop meals. Share pics at thesporkful@gmail.com.... More


Sporkful University’s Motto in Latin

This comes from Heidi in Minnesota... I'm a relatively new listener to the show, I heard about you from TBTL, I think it was the KFC Double Down episode of... More


TBTL’s Luke Burbank Talks Cereal Technique (Episode 28)

Luke Burbank, host of the excellent podcast Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL), joins a conversation that covers the various ways to combine cereal and milk, methods for combining cereals with... More