We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Aug, 2010


Sporkful T-Shirts Are Here

Design work is complete on our brand new Sporkful T-shirts! We went with a cream colored T, Sporkful logo and slogan on the front, website on the back. (Please note... More


Watermelon: Seeded vs. Seedless, Best Shape for Eating, Adding Vodka and More (Ep 33)

We tackle the ultimate summer fruit in this week's edition of The Sporkful.    


Maple Butter Carry-On Success — Now We Need Ideas

In our Poutine / Canada Day Spectacular show, I told the story of my somewhat disastrous (but ultimately rewarding) attempt to bring maple butter back from Quebec in my carry-on... More


Another Star in the Sporkiverse

We're not the only ones in love with the design and name of the spork. A San Francisco restaurant also celebrates the precious utensil in its name. It's a nod... More


Dan Responds to a Blog Comment re: His Necklace

We received this blog comment from a viewer named "iwantacookie," in response to our recent sandwich video: Dan and Mark, You have definitely won my "new favorite podcast" award. However,... More


Napkins, Moist Towlettes, Soaps, and More (Ep 32)

In this week's episode, we cover paper vs. cloth, moist towlettes and wet naps, and issues of hand and beverage sanitation. Clean hands never sounded so good!    


Moist Towelette Scholarship Thriving

At the Moist Towelette Museum (MOTOM, I guess) on the Michigan State campus, the potent-smelling wafers of hygiene get full documentation, by an astronomer. Moist towelettes are part of this... More


Outtake: Who or Whom?

We had a little grammatical confusion as we taped last week's episode. Listen to this outtake and tell us where you stand on the epic Who vs. Whom debate.


A Sneak Peek at the Limited Edition Ep Featuring Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich

We've wrapped production on SFX01: Sandwich Science Pt. 2 (w/Robert Krulwich), the limited edition continuation of one of our most popular episodes ever. But you can't get it on iTunes.... More


Poutine Wars Continued: Is Gravy on the Side OK?

Last month we did a Canada Day Spectacular show that focused on poutine, in which I argued that poutine would be better if it was served with the gravy on... More