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Oct, 2010


My Favorite Sign from the Stewart/Colbert Rally

I think this may be the best sign from the Stewart/Colbert rally. It's so true. Where is the leadership? Damn you, DC gridlock!! /dan


Trick-or-treating with Madeleine Brand

Hey, the pumpkin episode isn't the only thing we're doing for Halloween. On Thursday, we're also talking candy in our latest appearance on The Madeleine Brand Show, a fine new program... More


Accidental Coffee Experimentation

My after-lunch espresso started fine, with a well-pulled shot bearing respectable crema. I like just a touch of sugar in mine, so I very gently tipped the opaque, silver sugar... More


Pumpkins (Ep 42)

We debate the pros and cons of pumpkin pie and discuss various crust redistribution techniques, as we approach Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus pumpkin as an addition to your pasta or... More


Correction: It Was Garfield, Not Alvin and the Chipmunks

In our recent Pizza Toppings show, I made reference to an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks in which a sugary sweet singing group was exposed as a bunch of... More


The View from Your Laptop

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 4:00pm. Christina created this beautiful coconut layer cake to celebrate her sister-in-law Rebekah's birthday earlier this month. Both are Sporkful fans. Happy belated birthday, Rebekah! You don't... More


Sporkful T-Shirts Are in the Mail!

Behold, photographic evidence that the Sporkful T-shirts many of you have ordered exist, and that they've been placed into envelopes and shipped! Of course, if you haven't signed up to... More

Egg and Cheese Gastrolab still

The Craziest Egg Sandwich You’ll Ever Eat (VIDEO)

Dan unveils something called the "Tot to Trot," which is a grilled ham, tater tot and cheese sandwich encased in an egg patty and then put into another grilled cheese sandwich. It's geologic.  More


Pretzels (Ep 41)

From the vastly superior hot, soft pretzel to the less exciting -- but still worthwhile -- hard, bagged pretzel, we discuss it all, including stuffed, sugared, covered and condimented varieties.... More


Rachel Maddow Tapes a Show with The Sporkful!

Last week we spent time with Rachel Maddow discussing issues of the greatest import. Global politics? Nope. Election Day? Nope. Cocktail Philosophy? Of course. That episode will drop in a... More