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Dec, 2011


How Not to Celebrate the New Year, with Madeleine Brand

We're back on with our pal Madeleine Brand, talking do's and don'ts for New Year's Eve/Day celebrations on her public radio show. Take a listen and enjoy the ride into 2012! More


Best of The Sporkful: Easter (Ep 103)

Last week we heard Mark's favorite 2011 episode. This week, Dan's favorite of the year, where we talk about the foods of Easter with Win Rosenfeld. Secrets are unmasked about... More


Hanukkah, Christmas Grub Reimagined with Madeleine Brand

We make another holiday visit to Madeleine Brand's public radio show in LA. We're rethinking some holiday food traditions, Sporkful-style. We always enjoy being on with Madeleine - have a... More


Best of The Sporkful: Snack Mix (Ep 102)

Around this time of year, we like to look back at our favorite episodes. Next week you'll find out Dan's favorite episode from 2011. This week, we revisit Mark's favorite... More


The Sporkful Talks Donuts and Hanukkah on NY Public Radio

http://culture.wnyc.org/media/audioplayer/red_progress_player_no_pop.swf The food most commonly associated with Hanukkah in the U.S. is potato pancakes (or latkes), but in Israel they tend to favor donuts. The common thread? Oil, which is... More


Mark Twain: Eater (w/ Andrew Beahrs) (Ep 101)

If Mark Twain were alive today, we're quite sure he would be proud to wear The Sporkful fan's moniker: Eater. Why are the fat lines on a steak like a... More


Outtake: Jesse Thorn on How to Eat Burritos (NSFW)

Jesse Thorn loves burritos, as he made clear when he joined us for this week's show. He has strong opinions on the best way to make them and the best... More


Jesse Thorn from The Sound of Young America and Maximum Fun Rings in The Sporkful’s 100th Episode!

On the occasion of our 100th episode, we welcome the great public radio host and podcasting impresario Jesse Thorn, of The Sound of Young America and MaximumFun.org. We talk with Jesse... More


Lessons from the Sporkful Mailbag (Ep 99)

Dan and Mark reach into the Sporkful inbox (hit us upanytime - we read 'em all) to respond to Eater e-mail, including an attempt to convert a Sporkful hater into... More


An All-Vegetarian Thanksgiving with Madeleine Brand

We're back on Madeleine Brand's public radio show in LA, this time talking vegetarian Thanksgiving options. It's something we also explored in a recent episode focused on lessons Indian cuisine... More