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Jan, 2011


James Franco, Jon Stewart and Us

Well, not exactly, but check out this video of Franco on The Daily Show and note the tool he considers using to sever his arm from a mini-fridge trap, after... More


Calling All Callers

We're getting ready to tape another round of "Call In Smorgasbord" episodes, with you, our loyal listeners, playing the role of the callers. Do you have a bone to pick... More


Opening a Can of Worms…Filled With Tuna (Ep 55)

Tuna vs. tuna fish, chunk vs. solid, oil vs. water and more are covered in this first ever seafood-themed Sporkful!   Photo: Flickr CC / hmerinomx


Snack Mix, A Multimedia Sensation

We recognize that snack mix is an undeniably important issue, especially during the NFL playoffs, which is why we've explored it on the audio podcast (in two parts, actually) and... More


Another President of TSJES and a View From Your Laptop

We got this note from Laura and Alex Schultz in Wilmington, NC... We are big fans of the Sporkful. We especially enjoy listening on our summer drives to and from... More


Eating: A Fact of Life

Our friends at Good Magazine's website have re-launched their food page, and as part of the festivities, they asked me to participate in something called "Food for Thinkers: An Online... More


Candy from the Southwest

Southwestern friends Dennis and Cindy recently stopped in bearing gifts from their home in Southern Arizona. As you can see, they know me all too well, specifically my love for... More


Snack Mix Continued (Ep 54)

This week we continue our conversation on snack mix. We cover the best (and worst) ingredients and the importance of their relative size and weight, and we take listener suggestions... More


Mark Garrison Receives Stern Rebuke From Five-Year-Old

Daria Batzner is the newest President of The Sporkful Junior Eater's Society, thanks to the artistic riposte seen here. She took issue with Mark's anti-sprinkle stance in our Donuts show.... More


Outtake: A Snack Mix Analogy All Americans Can Get Behind

In this outtake from this week's show, Dan recalls a lesson from a grade school history teacher and applies it to snack mix.