We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Feb, 2011


At Home Making Whoopie With My Wife

Mrs. Sporkful and I are preparing for dinner with some friends... /dan


Someone Loves Us In Alpena

Our podcasting software tells us where folks are downloading us from, so it's neat to see where various cities rank. In the U.S., the top five are New York, San... More


Hot Chocolate (Episode 59)

Dan and Mark come in from the cold of winter to talk hot chocolate, whether made with milk, cream, or even water and Swiss Miss. They debate marshmallows, whipped cream,... More


Sun Tea (Outtake)

Our tea conversation (Part 1 and Part 2) covered a lot of ground, but even with two episodes to fill, there were several good exchanges that didn't quite fit. Here,... More


Check Out A New Podcast

Ian Chillag, a pal of ours from the days we all worked for NPR's Bryant Park Project, has a brand new podcast to stuff in your downloading quiver. He and... More


Dan’s Tea Bag Mastery (Outtake)

Since we posted Part 1 of our Tea conversation with Jacob Ganz (formerly at NPR's Bryant Park Project with us, now at NPR's The Record music blog), Dan's been taking... More


Tea, Part 2, with NPR’s Jacob Ganz (Episode 58)

Mark, Dan and fellow Bryant Park Project alum Jacob Ganz continue their conversation about tea, touching on new issues, including the world of iced and herbal. Plus, Jacob is the... More


Valentine’s Day Candy with Madeleine Brand

Our newest highly topical interview with the awesome Madeleine Brand, the rare public radio host able to analyze Mideast affairs and namecheck Bow Wow Wow in the same show with... More

Valentine's Day still

Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes from The Sporkful (VIDEO)

To help you take your Valentine's Day to the next level, we experiment with new uses for chocolate hearts and candy conversation hearts. Plus, we make the case for adding another type of heart to the holiday.  More


Meet the Bitter Elves Behind Your Tea’s Taste

Bitter Elves Outtake.mp3 Listen on Posterous We had a lot of fun talking tea with fellow BPP alum Jacob Ganz (now of NPR's The Record music blog). Part 1 is... More