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Apr, 2011


A Wedding Cake Made of Cheese

Listeners Jonathan Ichikawa and Carrie Jenkins have tied the knot! You may recall meeting these then-engaged philosophers in our Call In Smorgasbord #4 episode, when we ruled that a dish... More


Next Step: The Sporkful Band?

I put together The Sporkful's theme song in GarageBand. It was a fun exercise, I hadn't really used the program before, and I think the song came out well. Then... More


Donut Grab Reveals Haley Barbour’s Political Thinking

Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour now says he won't be running for president. The New York Times says a donut tipped his hand long before his official announcement Monday:


Get a Free Audio Book and Mind Reading By Reading This Blog Post

I may not be Google or Facebook, but I know a lot about you. For instance, if you're reading this right now, I know the following: 1) You can read.... More

girl scout cookies still

Girl Scout Cookie Recipes to Blow Your Mind (and Palate) (VIDEO)

We offer some rather amazing ways to consume Girl Scout Cookies, by combining them with things like ham, potato chips, and much more. All the while we take inspiration from the Girl Scout credo: Courage, Confidence and Character. More


Anzac Day Greetings, with Biscuits/Cookies

Monday is Anzac Day, honoring Australia and New Zealand's veterans. I first learned of this back when I worked with Dan at NPR. Our Australian born engineer Manoli made us... More


Morning Edition and Madeleine Brand Feature The Sporkful

The was a double dose of Sporkful on public radio this week, and thanks to the magic of the interwebs, you can hear them now, in case you missed them.... More


Sporkful Eater Brings Poutine to Midwest

Brian in Cleveland says he's been obsessed with poutine since our episode, and called on true Sporkful spirit to get the Quebecois dish where he lives: I'm too far from... More


Easter (Ep 68)

Next week's show is up now (early!) in preparation for Easter Sunday. We debate whether spiral cut ham represents one of humanity's greatest achievements or its impending downfall, Mark explains... More


Maxwell House’s Connection with Passover Explained

In our Passover episode, I was stunned to learn that many American Jews rely on a religious text published by coffeemaker Maxwell House to mark Passover. Even the official White... More