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May, 2011


Sporkful On All Things Considered: Secrets Of Perfect Burgers, Plus How To Grill An Egg

See the full gallery on Posterous In case you missed it, we joined host Rachel Martin for a segment on NPR's All Things Considered this past weekend. In honor of... More

potatoes as desserts still

Potatoes as Desserts, Including the Twice-Baked Potato Sundae (VIDEO)

Sweet potatoes make for some great desserts, while the workmanlike russet potato gets pigeonholed as an entree or side dish, generally made into baked potatoes or French fries. We set out to change that. More


Baked Potatoes Redux (Ep 73)

We revisit our episode on baked potatoes in conjunction with the release of our latest GastroLab video for Slate, in which we experiment with ways to turn baking potatoes into... More


WWSD: Teacher in Japan Inspired by The Sporkful

Gerome, an English teacher in Japan, recently sent us this letter. Clearly, The Sporkful Way is spreading far and wide, and that's pretty fun and exciting to see... I recently... More


Spam Carving Contest Hosts Baseball Game

See the full gallery on Posterous My friend Emily Vail (of Vail Personal Chef and Custom Cake Service) was at a minor league baseball game, where there happened to be... More


Coffee Ice Cube Movement Grows Stronger

Hot weather means ice coffee time, and as you've heard from our episode with Marc Maron from the WTF podcast, I'm a big believer in iced coffee in its purest... More


Oreo Inside a Cupcake

A great pic (and great concept) from listener Catherine! /dan


Canadian Sporkful Eater Stuns American Girl Scout Cookie Fans

Since we were working on a Girl Scout Cookie video at the time, we brought a fistful of cookies to our New York meetup . Everyone there tried some and... More


Salad Composition Pt. 2 (Ep 72)

The conversation continues with a fierce debate over whether there's anything wrong with a salad that requires a knife to eat. Also covered: croutons and other crunchy toppings, once again... More


The View From Your Laptop — At the New England Culinary Institute!

We got this pic from Carolynn, who writes: Hey guys - love your podcast. The view from my laptop is in a classroom at The New England Culinary Institute, where... More