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Jun, 2011


Sporkful Washington, DC Meetup – July 25th

Did you miss our gatherings of Sporkful Eaters in New York and Honolulu? Can't make it to the meetup in Chicago this Friday? Was it because you live in DC... More


Garlic Scape Bracelet Designed By Junior Eater

FiveSix-year-old Sporkful fan Daria in Michigan models a lovely bracelet, made from a garlic scape. We trust she'll cook and eat it before it goes bad on her arm! /dan


To Love Marc Maron Is to Love Croissants

Rod discovered us through Marc Maron's certified awesome podcast and has been working his way through our previous episodes. He writes that he's been in agreement with many of the... More


Help Sporkful Become Extra Awesome

Eaters, we just need 5-9 minutes of your time to help Sporkful stay on track to reach new levels of awesome. Please follow this link to take a short survey.... More

Ice cream cones still

Ice Cream Cones Given New Life Through Magic Shell (VIDEO)

We experiment with a savory cone with beef chili and Magic Shell-encased cones. The series of tests culminates with the creation of a clown sundae that is the happiest sad clown you'll ever see. More


Wedding Food Planning and Consumption Pt. 1 (Ep 77)

This week we discuss wedding food strategy from both the planner's and guest's perspective, and preview Mark's upcoming wedding. We offer techniques for keeping your guests on their feet (and... More


Amazing Sculptures In Oreo Frosting

Sculptor Judith Klausner is working in the medium of Oreo. Somewhere in her studio is a giant pile of the other halves of the chocolate cookies. /dan via Buzzfeed


Beach Eating (Ep 76)

As we prepare for the first day of summer, it seems the perfect time to offer our thoughts on policies and procedures for effective beach eating. Is a sandwich or... More


The View From Your Laptop: Breakfast In Sri Lanka

Jordan's from Chicago, but he sends us these pics of his morning tea and breakfast among the hills of tea country in Ella, Sri Lanka. I don't know which view... More


Dinner Party Download Guys on Dinner Parties (Ep 75)

Dinner Party Downloadhosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam join us to talk, well, dinner parties, including preparing, serving and of course, drinking.   Fans of DPD? You have fine... More