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Jul, 2011


Toast Pt. 1 (Ep 81)

Dan brags about his new (used 30-year-old) toaster, then he and Mark discuss the pros and cons of thick vs. thin toast and the importance of maintaining toast strata. Next... More


Spork Sighting on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Several people have pointed out the spork discussion that happened on the latest edition of NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! I won't give it away, except to say that... More


Toasting In A Tiny Kitchen, With No Toaster

Next week we kick off a two-part series on toast, followed by a show on butter. Here's a great email we received recently from Erika, an American living in Paris:... More


Ice Cream Toppings (Ep 80)

Our latest Slate videodoes wild experiments involving ice cream cones. It got us thinking about a previous episode about topping ice cream. In it, we debate the merits of toppings... More


A Perfect Solution For Soggy Cereal?

On Twitter, @cunarder534 hipped us to this cereal bowl, which keeps the cereal and milk separate until you combine them on a per-bite basis. I applaud this attempt at innovation, but I find this cereal bowl problematic. Here's why. More


Cola: The Debate Rages (Ep 79)

Dan and Mark debate the serving, chilling, flavoring and mixing of cola, whether it's Coke, Pepsi, RC or another brand.     Photo: Flickr CC / wstryder


Check Out This Spork

Mark, a Seattle Eater, has a killer new logo for his blog, a switchblade spork. /mark


Sporkful Penetrates North Korea (And Tries A Mysterious Drink)

See the full gallery on Posterous We've got a fair number of South Korean listeners in our international audience of Eaters, though the numbers fluctuate. But we know exactly how... More


Magic Shell As A Filling Instead Of A Topping

Eater Chris in Portland, OR, heard us talking about Magic Shell and sent in this idea: Grab yourself a mediocre-to-good vanilla ice cream. Then let it melt down while stirring... More


Canadian Cannelloni: The View From Your Laptop

From Lindsay in Surrey, BC, Canada.12:40pm: Leftover (from last night) spinach and ricotta cannelloni and leftover (from breakfast) iced coffee. The cannelloni recipe I have is enough to fill a... More