We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Oct, 2011


Sporkful Eater Earns “A”

A while back, a Sporkful caller asked us for help with a school project. We can't claim much, if any credit, but it turns out they got an A! Check... More


The Most Obscure Spork Reference Ever

The image above is a 3-D high resolution image of an impact crater on Mars. Why is it here? Well, we often get emails from Eaters who've come across references... More


Kit Kat Kerfuffle Engulfs Innocent Young Boy

In this week's Halloween episode, Sporkful Eater and candy blogger Patti from Connecticut laid out a very elaborate and potentially controversial Kit Kat consumption method. But even if they don't... More


Halloween 2011 (Ep 94)

This week we're talking about a number of key candy issues with special guests in time for Halloween. You'll hear from a Colorado-based Eater whose highly comprehensive candy treatise is... More


A Sporkful Eater’s Candy Manifesto

Gabe, a Sporkful Eater in Colorado, e-mailed us an unusually long, detailed and sometimes explicit set of thoughts on candy and other treats commonly given out for Halloween. It caught... More


Packing School Lunches with Madeleine Brand

Check out our latest visit to Madeleine Brand's show on Southern California Public Radio. This time we're talking school lunches. /mark


Food Portability (Ep 93)

An exploration of eating while walking, over the sink, in bed and more, including an exploration of napkin tucking technique and Dan's messy eating. This episode doesn't cover car-related eating,... More

Pulled Pork and Pierogies on a Pretzel Roll

Pulled Pork and Pierogies on a Pretzel Bun, Bacon Cheddar Doughnut Holes and Jalapeno Cilantro Beer Margaritas Oh My!

As a lover of football, pretzel buns, and any dish with a name that starts with "Bacon Cheddar," I was quite pleased when my brother referred me to Sarah Sprague's... More


Learning English through the Sporkful (Really!)

Among the Eaters who made the trip to our Berlin meetup were Jennifer and Guntram from Dresden. Jennifer, as it turns out, teaches advanced English to German students who work... More


Comparing Apples and Oranges (Ep 92)

Foolish, fearful people have long said comparing apples and oranges couldn't be done. We revisit the episode where we proved them wrong, with help from our pal Win Rosenfeld. Photo:... More