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Dec, 2012


Meals Ready to Eat (Military MREs): I Did It For Science (PHOTOS)

As part of this week's show on War Zone Eating, I ate three Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). Here are some photos of the food and the nutritional info, as well as some of my thoughts on each dish. More


War Zone Eating: MRE Improvement, Bartering, and Veterans’ Best Combat Meals Ever (AUDIO)

In Sporkful 148, Dan speaks with veterans about making military Meals Ready to Eat more palatable, and reports on his own MRE research. Plus the vets share great stories about their best war zone meals. More

Photo: Flickr CC / jeffreyw

Here’s My New Year’s Food Resolution — What’s Yours?

After resolving to eat more butter in 2011 and more grilled red onions in 2012, it's time for me to unveil my 2013 New Year's Food Resolution. What's yours? More


Cucumber Shot Glasses, Liquor Bottles in Ice, and Other Ways to Make P. Diddy Jealous (VIDEO)

Take your shindig to the next level by classing up your cocktail service. And don't be afraid to make frozen drinks in the winter. Seasons are just a construct, man. More


Sporkful on NPR: How to Eat Well (Or At Least Not So Poorly) in a War Zone

In a preview of next week's episode of The Sporkful, I joined NPR's Rachel Martin on Weekend Edition to talk about eating in a war zone. Listen to the segment here and learn more about what's coming up on this special episode. More

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Chinese Egg Separation Technique: I Wasn’t Worried About China Surpassing Us Until I Saw This Video

Everyone keeps calling China the world's next superpower, but I never really believed it. Until I saw this video. More


Christmas: Beating Relatives to the Food, Mac and Cheese Pairings, Fruitcake, and More (AUDIO)

In Sporkful 147, Dan heads to Rockefeller Center to talk to people about Christmas dinner strategies and preferences. Plus a couple calls in for help settling a dispute over the correct way to drink water. More

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The Top Food Videos of 2012

Our friends at Eater have assembled the Best Food Videos of 2012, including contributions from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Will Ferrell, and many others. This Louis Black one is my favorite. Which is yours? More


Gin and Lemonade, a.k.a. The Pregnant Wife: My Favorite Cocktail This Month

Mrs. Sporkful is expecting, which has led to many quick runs to the store to satisfy cravings. But some cravings don't last long. A surplus of lemonade got me drinking an elixir that pairs perfectly with a toddler and a pregnant wife. More


The View From Your Kitchen: Eater Tia in Philly Shares Her Cheese + 3 Omelet

We're re-launching our "View from Your Laptop" series with a new name: The View From Your Kitchen. Here Eater Tia in Philly shares a photo and explanation of her "Cheese + 3" omelet. More