We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Feb, 2012


We Tackle Condiment-Spread Debate on NPR’s “How to Do Everything”

We're on the latest "How to Do Everything" episode answering a very important audience question about the difference between a condiment and a spread. While you're there, check out the... More


Bagels (Ep 112)

We cover the the problem with everything bagels, to toast or not to toast, how big is too big, and the perils of bagel sandwichization. Photo: Flickr CC / stevendepolo


An Onion Ring Opinion Reconsidered

See the full gallery on Posterous When we did a show on Onion Rings in September, Mark and I agreed that most onion rings have too much batter, and that... More


Sporkful Joins Slate’s Culture Gabfest for Granola Showdown

Our friends at Slate's Culture Gabfest podcast gave us the rather delicious assignment of judging granola made by Gabfest staffers. We knew they were capable of smart, engaging discussion about... More


Call In Show: Peanut Butter and Honey in Montana, Popcorn in Ottawa, and Macarons in China (Ep 111)

Dan Boyce from Montana Public Radio calls in to recommend a novel way to prepare a peanut butter and honey sandwich, plus a caller in Ottawa extols the virtues of... More

WATCH: Dan and Mark Create Deep Fried Insanity on ABC’s The Chew

WATCH: Dan and Mark Create Deep Fried Insanity on ABC’s The Chew

In our network TV debut, we take over the fryolator at Chip Shop in Brooklyn for a segment on ABC's The Chew, for a segment called "Deep Fry or Goodbye." It didn't break the fryolator, but it will break your brain. More


Video: Dan Behind-the-Scenes at our Deep Fried Taping for ABC’s The Chew

Today we make our network TV debut on ABC's The Chew. We came up with some ridiculous deep fried creations, including deep fried hot dogs wrapped in Twinkies, deep fried bagel and lox, and more. More


Photos: Behind the Scenes of a Deep Fried Taping for ABC’s The Chew

See the full gallery on Posterous We fried up a number of novel concoctions for our debut on ABC's The Chew today. We cooked seven dishes, five of which made... More


Sporkful Eater Weighs in on Apple-Orange Debate

Sporkful Eater Sam in DC heard our episode comparing apples and oranges and has something to say. We're glad that he understands the challenge and value of the task: Thank... More


First Date Eating, Part 2 (Ep 110)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we continue our conversation about eating on first dates with Elizabeth Chubbuck from Murray's Cheese. She'll also share her expertise on cheese, including some... More