We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Mar, 2012


Eater Recreates Famed Tot to Trot Sandwich

Eater Patrick in Brooklyn shares this photo of his own version of the Tot to Trot Sandwich, which I first introduced in our video on crazy egg and cheese sandwiches.... More


Napkins (Ep 116)

In this week's episode, we cover paper vs. cloth, moist towlettes and wet naps, and issues of hand and beverage sanitation. Plus we discuss the dangers of scented soap. Photo:... More


Eater Makes Mighty Piecooken

We have a notable fondness for putting foods inside of other foods. See our egg sandwich and our grilled cheesevideos for some of the best known examples. Eater Matt in... More


Call In Smorgasbord: Breath Mints as Candy and Room Temp Eating (Ep 115)

We mediate a debate between a married couple over whether giving their kids breath mints is the same as giving their kids candy. And a man makes the argument that... More


Sporkful Nominated for James Beard Foundation Award

We're thrilled to be nominated in the Radio Show/Audio Webcast category of the James Beard Foundation Awards. It's awesome to be in the company of all the talented journalists, chefs... More


Elusive Koelsch Beer Visits Brooklyn

While in Germany last year (Sporkful eps, blog posts and more about Germany collected here), I lived in the region where the beer style called Koelsch dominates. We do get... More


Chicken Soup (Ep 114)

We explore chicken piece size, dipping techniques, and even using chicken soup as a topping. Bonus: the deceptive danger of shrimp. Photo: Flickr CC / travelust


Five-Alarm Debate Rages about Chili Episode

Eaters are weighing in about our recent episode on chili. It's a mix of tips and fiery disagreement. David in Colorado is an example of the latter on our Facebook... More

vending machine still

Vending Machine Showdown at Slate (VIDEO)

We compete to each create three dishes using only foods in the Slate office vending machine and only tools in the Slate office kitchen. In the end we create Chuckles gazpacho and Chex Mix salad dressing, and filet a Fig Newton. More


Chili (Ep 113)

This week we talk chili toppings, eating technique and alternative applications, including the often controversial intersection of chili and tortilla chips. Dan will reveal the chili cheese dog construction technique... More