We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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May, 2012


Talking Office Eating with Madeleine Brand

We're back on the radio with Madeleine Brand talking about workplace eating. Take a listen here. Want to hear still more from us on office eating? We've got plenty. /mark


Snack Mix Pt. 1 (Ep 125)

  This week we debate whether snack mix is more like performance art or visual art. Clearly, this will require a second episode. Watch our snack mix video, in which we... More


Luke Burbank Eats Chopped Liver for the First Time. Mike Pesca, Win Rosenfeld and Dan Pashman Comment. (Ep 124)

In part two of this series from the Second Avenue Deli, TBTL's Luke Burbank eats chopped liver for the first time. Along with Mike Pesca (NPR sports correspondent and co-host of the Slate podcast Hang Up... More


Luke Burbank and Mike Pesca Join Dan at Second Avenue Deli (VIDEO)

Dan took TBTL's Luke Burbank and NPR's Mike Pesca to New York's Second Avenue Deli for hot pastrami and chopped liver. Win Rosenfeld was behind the camera. Everyone recorded everyone else for... More


Mike Pesca, Luke Burbank, Win Rosenfeld and Dan Pashman walk into a deli. A show on hot pastrami ensues. (Ep 123)

I went to the Second Avenue Deli with Sporkful friends Luke Burbank (from the podcast TBTL and Ross and Burbank on KIRO), Mike Pesca(NPR sports correspondent and co-host of the Slate podcast Hang Up and Listen),... More


Dumplings (Ep 122)

What's the best way to pick up, dip and eat dumplings? What's the ideal dough thickness? And is the term "dumpling" applied to too many foods? Plus, could soup dumpling... More