We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Jul, 2012


Elevating Airplane Food to New Heights, and Puns (Ep 134)

Find out how to un-degrade the eating experience that comes with a coach ticket, including drinks, snack, food, technique and airport eating. More


The Best Fish and Chips in London, and Other Brief Thoughts

I spent six months "studying" in London back in 1998, where I learned that English people care much more about the taste of beer than the taste of food. But it was also in London where I first learned to view frying as an art. More


Cupcakes: Frosting Delivery System, or Something More? (Ep 133)

We discuss ideal frosting-to-cake ratio, cupcake sandwichization, toppings and unorthodox serving techniques, and whether cupcakes are really just a frosting delivery system. More


Potluck Dinners: Host Etiquette, Guest Ethics (Ep 132)

We debate potlucks, including how much the host should try to manage what guests bring, the ethics of bringing bought food, and strategies for the potluck eater. Dan argues they don't call it a potLUCK for nothing. More


Hot Dog Toppings and Condiments (Ep 131)

We look at basic hot dog augmentations, plus more complex options like those of Chicago, Tucson and Iceland. Advanced chili dog assembly is also discussed. More


Hot Dogs, Fourth of July, and The Sporkful (Ep 130)

We celebrate July 4th by covering ideal hot dog type and cooking method, optimal length and girth, and the best way to put it in your mouth. More