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Nov, 2012


Vegetarian Eaters Report Back on Veggieducken Experience (PHOTOS)

Here are some tips from fellow Eaters who took on the task of making the Veggieducken and succeeded, eliciting the "ooohs" and "aaahs" that denote a bona fide Thanksgiving Day centerpiece. More


What Obama Should Serve Romney for Lunch at the White House

Here are the points I think Obama wants to hit, with tips for getting them across by incorporating them into the meal. For starters, want to tell Mitt you want to wipe the slate clean? Replace the plates with Etch-a-Sketches. More

Thanksgiving celebration

Veterans Needed for Show on War Zone Eating

If you have a way to make MRE's more palatable, an effective battlefield or mess hall eating strategy, or an anecdote to share about a war zone meal that stands out, we want to hear from you. More


Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Leftovers in a Mason Jar (VIDEO)

Here's a great way to pack up Thanksgiving leftovers for your guests that will ensure that guests and bald eagles will be happy for generations to come.  More


Veggieducken in Full (VIDEO)

Here's a longer Veggieducken video that gets into more detail on the Veggieducken construction process.  More


Veggieducken: Step-by-Step Recipe and Photos

Here's the complete recipe for the Veggieducken, along with some glorious still images suitable for framing. More


Thanksgiving 2012: Veggieducken Assembly and Principles of Stuffing (AUDIO)

In the annual Thanksgiving show (Ep 145), Dan welcomes Slate's food and drinks editor Laura Anderson, who gives a vegetarian's blessing to the Veggieducken, but challenges some of Dan's stuffing philosophy. More


Behold, the Veggieducken: A Vegetarian Answer to the Turducken (VIDEO)

I know vegetarians do just fine at Thanksgiving, but I still can't help feeling like they're missing out. Not because they can't eat meat, but because they don't have a huge, centerpiece dish to rival the turkey...until now. More


Eater Mark Explains How to Get Crispy Skin in Microwaved Baked Potatoes

Microwaving potatoes presents issues. Not only does it seem a disturbingly long time to leave anything cooking in a microwave, but the results are subpar. Eater Mark offers a technique that sounds bizarre, but just might work. More

Photo: Flickr CC /  jeffreyw

Ideal Nacho Construction and Ratios, and First Nacho Etiquette (AUDIO)

Dan speaks with nacho experts and eaters at the first NY Nacho and Craft Beer Festival about nacho construction, the trend towards single serve nachos, and more. Plus, a caller takes issue with Dan's position on hot dogs. More