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Jan, 2013


Recipe: ‘Where There’s Smoke, There’s No Need for Fire’ Chicken Wings (w/PHOTOS)

Wing places brag about the level of mental illness required to consume their hottest offerings. But I believe that eating should be about pleasure--not feats of strength. So here's a recipe just in time for the Super Bowl. More


Burger Formation and Consumption, Cheese Placement and More (AUDIO)

"Rev" David Ciancio of Burger Conquest joins Dan for one of the more passionate burger conversations you'll ever hear. They cover burger-to-bun ratios, perfect patty formation, cheese on the bottom, and so much more. More


Super Bowl Party Plan: Five Apps for $25 (VIDEO)

For my Cooking Channel series, co-host Laurie March challenged me to create five apps for under $25. Clearly I succeeded, or they wouldn't have posted the video. But how I got there is the fun part.  More


How to Reheat a Leftover Meatball Sub (AUDIO)

Pat in Pittsburgh called The Sporkful with a familiar quandary: When he heats his leftover meatball subs in the microwave, the bread turns to mush. When he uses the oven, the bread's good but the meat's still cold. Dan offers a solution that Pat deems "perfect". More

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Dan Takes the 60-Second Stir Fry Challenge at WNYC (VIDEO)

After talking granola on NY Public Radio, I took host Amy Eddings' 60-Second Stir Fry challenge, a video series of rapid fire questions about food trends, preferences, and whatever else Amy throws at you. Watch it! More


Talking Granola and Granola History on NY Public Radio (AUDIO)

Listen to Dan discuss granola's history at the confluence of several major food innovations of the 1800's, leading him to dub it the Forrest Gump of the 19th Century. Plus, the case is made for the return of the word "nutriment." More


Should You Apologize for Ordering a Chocolate Muffin? (AUDIO)

Eater Matt from Chicago calls in to say that he offers a disclaimer when ordering a chocolate muffin, to distinguish it from a cupcake and "add a veneer of respectability." Do you think that's necessary? More


Debating Muffin Tops, Plus the Cake-ification of Muffindom (AUDIO)

Julia Turner of Slate's Culture Gabfest joins Dan to discuss certain muffin trends and take a quiz on U.S. states' official muffins. Plus secrets of muffin grilling and a caller who needs serious help reheating a leftover meatball sub.  More


Junior Eaters Increase Cheddar Cube Surface Area, Brightening America’s Future

Junior Eaters Justin and Julia cut their cheddar cubes into smaller pieces to increase the surface area, an idea they got from The Sporkful. Their father is proud. So is America. More


Dan Talks Food and Web Culture and Why Bacon Is Over on GigaOM Podcast

Dan joins in on the GigaOM podcast for a conversation about internet food culture, including the many pros and few cons of food on the web, home beef corning, and why bacon is overrated. More