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A Perfect Solution For Soggy Cereal?

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Jul 15, 2011

On Twitter, @cunarder534 hipped us to this cereal bowl (via The Gadgeteer), which keeps the cereal and milk separate until you combine them on a per-bite basis. Listeners know I'm a big supporter of eatitorial innovation in general, and individual bite composure in particular. And I do have a soft spot for concepts similar to the McDLT. However, I find this cereal bowl problematic. I think that any halfway decent cereal is designed with the understanding that it's going to be sitting in milk (as I explained to guest Luke Burbank in our cereal technique shows). And one of the beauties of cereal is that you can regulate its level of crispiness by choosing different cereals and milk levels, and employing different spooning techniques. But I believe that, unless you're grabbing a handful as a snack, even the flimsiest cereal should sit in milk for a few seconds before being consumed, and I question whether this bowl makes that annoyingly difficult. If you try to hold the spoon full of cereal in the milk for even 20 seconds, bits are likely to float off the spoon and end up all alone in a milk-white sea. That's not where your cereal wants to be. /dan

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