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An All Indian-American Vegetarian Thanksgiving (Ep 97)

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Nov 15, 2011

This is a big one, folks, our Second Annual Thanksgiving Show! Because Thanksgiving is such a food-centric holiday, we've pledged to do a Thanksgiving show every year, each time with a different guest and focusing on a different aspect of the holiday. It started last year with a conversationabout brining your turkey and cooking the bird upside down. This year we're mixing it up, by talking to two Indian-American vegetarian friends about how they celebrate Thanksgiving.


We cover the best technique for combining Indian foods with your hands, get a couple of super easy recipes that even the Indian food beginner can make, and learn about the sacred Indian-American Thanksgiving tradition of watching the movie "Speed".

Relevant Links:
Guest Krishnan Vasudevan contributes to a food blog called Little Brooklyn Kitchen, which is run by his sister Veena and brother-in-law Alan. They have great photos and recipes of all sorts of vegetarian foods. Here's their recipe for Carrot Kosmalli (also pictured above), which Krishnan references in this episode as a good beginner-level Indian dish to try making. Krishnan's documentary about curbside recycling in New York City is called The Wrong Bin. Our other guest in this episode, Aalap Shah, does work for an excellent charity called Sri Lanka Care Foundation. Check it all out, and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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