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Beer Serving Techniques Episode Turns Japanese Woman Into Morning Drinker

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Oct 05, 2010
Here's an email from Patrick in Okinawa, Japan...
My girlfriend and I were catching up on the last few shows this morning while making pancakes. She was intently listening to the "Beer Serving Techniques" episode while whipping up the batter. I went into the bathroom to shave and heard the sound of a carbonated beverage can opening up. I live in Okinawa, Japan, and my girlfriend is Japanese. Individual little cans of coffee are the norm over here, so I didn't think anything of it at the time...but when I came into the kitchen, I found her pouring half a can of Asahi beer into a pint glass, then pouring the other half into a wine glass and sampling both of them. Bear in mind that this is a girl who doesn't like drinking much to begin with, really doesn't like beer at all, and never has anything to drink before 10 PM...and yet you two had her double-fisting at 8 in the morning. Strong work.
It's a great story, but Patrick failed to answer the obvious question: Which beer serving technique did she prefer? Which one do you prefer?
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