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Episode 7: French Fry Dips

French fries often swim before they die -- but in what? Mark argues against ketchup and in favor of mayo, while Dan draws his fry dipping approach from his 6th grade art teacher. More


Waffle Toppings: Tell Us the Best Way

The waffles depicted here may be loving, but they'll be more lovable adorned with toppings. Show your love for waffles everywhere by sharing your ideas for the best waffle toppings. More


Veggieducken: Step-by-Step Recipe and Photos

Here's the complete recipe for the Veggieducken, along with some glorious still images suitable for framing. More


Your Thoughts: Burger Toppings, Yogurt, S’mores

We're researching for future shows and need your wise input. Upcoming topics include burger toppings, yogurt and s'mores. Keep nothing delicious to yourself - fellow Sporkful fans are counting on you to enlighten them and us. More


Episode 9: Popcorn

We search for the best way to make popcorn and the optimal seasoning beyond mere butter and salt. Stove top, microwave, popcorn maker and Jiffy Pop methods are all evaluated. More

Vote Now: Best 80′s Gum Jingle?

Vote Now: Best 80′s Gum Jingle?

We may not agree on the best type of gum, but we should all be able to agree that the artistic form of expression generally known as "music" reached its apex in the form of several classic gum jingles in the 1980's.  More


Baked Potato: Your Thoughts Needed

What's the best way to cook a baked potato? What toppings are best? How should the toppings be layered? Any ideas for uncoventional toppings? We want your input, and photos of your research if available. More