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Constructing Taco 2.0: How To Keep It All Together

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Oct 22, 2014

Like bad love ballads and the bad romances that spawn them, hard tacos elevate expectations only to shatter tortilla shells and dreams. But even before they break, there are problems.

You fill the taco vertically but eat it horizontally. When you turn it on its side, filling loss becomes inevitable. Even if you hold fillings together, the shell falls apart.

In this video, Dan seeks to fix these issues, with help from Chef Tyler Kord, creator of the Double-Decker Broccoli Taco. He joins Dan to push the double decker taco to its limits, and to debate the timeless issue of bite consistency vs. bite variety. In the end, Dan takes his creation to the streets for judgment by the people.

Check out Tyler's recipe for Double-Decker Broccoli Taco with Feta, Peanuts and Black Bean Hummus.

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