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Cult of Burnt Cheese Grows with Discovery of Burnt Cheese Cheeseburger

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May 10, 2011


We did a video a few months ago in which we tested various ways to get crispy burnt cheese into your grilled cheese sandwich, inspired by a listener who pokes holes in grilled cheese bread to get the cheese to seep down to the pan and end up crispy and burnt. That came after another listener called in to tell us about driving across the desert with an insatiable craving for burnt cheese. Now this comes to us via Facebook from Rick Robertson in Alabama:

This is a pic that I have been meaning to share with you two for a while. I actually consumed this while on vacation last year. It's a Wagon Wheel Cheddar Burger. An obscene amount of cheese is dumped on the patty as it is cooking. The cheese is heated to a crisp and you break the pieces off and eat it before attacking the burger. I am still alive, although on cholesterol meds.

At this rate, burnt cheese may soon become the norm. We may have to start referring to burnt cheese as simply "cheese," and what we now call cheese will have to be called "raw cheese." /dan

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