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Eaters Make New Coffee Ice Cube Discoveries

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Aug 29, 2011

We're strong supporters of using coffee ice cubes in iced coffee for maximum awesomeness without shameful dilution, despite what Marc Maron may say. Our inbox overflows with reader feedback on the growth of this ice cube movement. (Also, our blog overflows with talk about ice cubes in general.)

One of Sporkful's earliest Very Important Eaters, Adam has done excellent fieldwork to find an early supporter of this technique, none other than Martha Stewart. Well said, Martha. Adam is also a big fan of cold brewed coffee, by the way.

(Would you like to achieve Sporkful Very Important Eater awesomeness like Adam did? Step right this way, it's easy!)

Over in Wichita, Kansas, Julie joined the cause and offers up her coffee cubes as a View from Her Laptop. But she warns Eaters to "invest in an ice cube tray with a cover on it. Spilled coffee in the freezer, not so fun."

We thank Adam, Julie and Eaters everywhere who are fighting the good fight against watered-down iced coffee. Carry on! /mark

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