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Eating Throughout History + Deepak Chopra on Total Pizza Awareness (AUDIO)

Posted on Feb 12, 2013

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8. Jane Austen ice cream_DF1

What did dinosaur eggs taste like? In what shape would Jane Austen likely have had her dessert served to her? What does one of the world's leading paleontologists think of the Paleo Diet? How do you get maggots out of boiled sheep in the Gobi Dessert? How do you make ice cream on an uninhabited island in Madagascar in the summer? And how many ancient Aztecs would have had better teeth if they'd learned to eat corn by listening to The Sporkful?

In Sporkful Episode 151, Dan gets answers to these questions and many more when he interviews the curators of a special food exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History entitled, "Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture."

Plus, Dan calls up Deepak Chopra for some guidance on how to get maximum pleasure from meals eaten alone, and Deepak's wisdom leads Dan to experience Total Pizza Awareness.

Links and Such

- Above see a photo of what ice cream service might have looked like in Jane Austen's day. And here's a photo of the Aztec marketplace referenced in the show:

- The Our Global Kitchen exhibit runs through early August -- check it out!

- Listen to more of Dan's recent appearances on NPR's Weekend Edition here.

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Jane Austen ice cream and Aztec marketplace photos courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History /  © AMNH/D. Finnin

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