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Free Ice Cream For Science!

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Jan 11, 2021

How do background music, the shape of a spoon, and your DNA affect taste? These are just a few of the questions that psychologist Charles Spence looks at in his research in the emerging field of gastrophysics. This week, Dan talks with Charles about the subtle factors that affect our perceptions of food. Then, Dan and his daughter Becky put the gastrophysicist’s theories to the test at a neighborhood ice cream stand. The results of their homespun experiment may surprise you!

Interstitial music in this episode from Black Label Music:

- "Private Detective" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

- "On The Floor" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

- "Stay For The Summer" by William Van De Crommert

- "Midnight Grind" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

- "New Old" by JT Bates

Photo by Sam Frost (courtesy of Charles Spence).

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