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Even Bros Scramble Eggs

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Jun 24, 2019

Jason Jones got famous for his character on the Daily Show — a brutish, bro-ish, “man’s man” who went after liberal snowflakes (and did some of the show's most famous pieces when he traveled to Iran).

In real life, Jason's a guy who'll spend 45 minutes soft-scrambling eggs for his three kids. He got into cooking in part because of feelings of career inadequacy, when his wife Samantha Bee's star rose faster than his. That dynamic is parodied in Jason's hit show The Detour, on TBS (past seasons are on Hulu). 

He co-created the show with Sam. It’s about a family road trip gone very wrong, and is inspired by family trips with their three kids, ages 13, 11, and 8. Jason plays the dad, and just like on the show, it turns out he loves to cook for his kids.

So does that mean he's really a softie? As Dan learned when they met up, it's not so simple.

Jason Jones cup

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