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Help Wanted: Sporkful Seeks Web Designer / Programmer

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May 03, 2011


The Sporkful is hiring! It's time to take our web presence to the next level, but we need some help. We want to create a WordPress site that will incorporate the blog, all the links available at, and a bunch of other bells and whistles, including some requiring JavaScript. (This means free WordPress templates will not be sufficient.) We have a pretty good idea of how we want the site to look (although you'd certainly have some input), so our main need is to find someone with the tech chops to build the site we have in our heads.

If you have the expertise to create such a site, and you'd like to work with us, then please email us your resume and some work samples. We even have a bit of money to pay you. We hope to find someone who likes The Sporkful and will be excited to get involved in our growing enterprise. (iTunes did pick us as one of the Best New Podcasts of 2010, just sayin'.) If that describes you (or a friend of yours) then please drop us a line, and we'll go from there! /dan

Photo: Flickr CC / bgottsab

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