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Improving Falafel with the Waffle Falafel Sandwich

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Mar 05, 2014

Falafel sandwiches are great in theory but problematic in practice.

First, when you put all those little falafel balls into a pita you end up with gaps, which means many bites with no falafel. Second, a pita is a poor sandwich base, prone to collapse in the middle of eating. We can do better.

With help from Chef Einat Admony of Taim Falafel in New York, I set out to find better ways to make a falafel sandwich. Einat and I experiment with a single patty falafel sandwich, then take things to the next level with the introduction of the waffle falafel sandwich. It solves both of the aforementioned problems, and puts the focus where it belongs--on the falafel.

Bonus: Check out Einat's awesome Mediterranean cookbook,Balaboosta.

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