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Is It Wrong To Eat String Cheese Without Peeling It Into Strings?

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Oct 28, 2014

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This week on The Sporkful we're taking your calls! Rhonda in Memphis feels very strongly that nacho cheese from a can should not be called cheese. I'll tell you what I think.

Plus Cindy in Portland has a problem. When she reheats leftover cinnamon rolls, the glorious frosting turns runny and gross. Even if she removes the frosting before microwaving the roll and then reapplies it, the warmth from the roll still melts the frosting. I tell Cindy what to do, but not before she drops some knowledge on me, sharing an ingenious way to prevent Frosting Loss with her system of Frosting Retention.

Finally, there's Chris and Renee. Chris loves string cheese, but when he eats it, he doesn't peel it into strings. He just chomps right into it. His wife thinks that's wrong, so they call in to seek my guidance. In the end they find marital bliss:



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Music in this episode by BWN Music:

- "Mother Tucker" by Steve Pierson
- "Funky Love Baby" by Steve Pierson

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