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Junior Eaters Increase Cheddar Cube Surface Area, Brightening America’s Future

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Jan 09, 2013

Behold this photo of Junior Eaters Justin and Julia of Westport, CT, hard at work in the kitchen. Their father, Eater Jonathan, explains, "My Little Eaters cutting their cheddar cubes into smaller pieces to increase the surface area. Their idea. The future is in good hands." Indeed it is.

Of course, increasing their surface area allows them to be more effectively combined with other foods, because more of the cheese is exposed and able to touch and meld with other foods. Potential mates could include dips, crackers, and, as it appears in the picture, hot dogs and pizza. The only time increasing the cheddar cubes' surface area would not be a good idea is if reducing cube size negatively affects ratios, or if some of the cheese won't be consumed in that sitting. (Exposure to air will cause it to harden faster. But these youngsters knew that.)

Remember that your children too can be inducted into The Sporkful Junior Eaters Society. Just email us a photo of them innovating in the kitchen, or a scan or photo of one of their original works of art that depicts food or The Sporkful in some way, and it could be featured here on the blog. And as always, all members of the Junior Eaters Society are presidents of that vaunted organization.


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