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Junior Eaters Experiment with Ketchup Technology

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Mar 21, 2011
Carey in Florida writes that she finally received the new Heinz ketchup packets at the drive-thru. Our very first Slate video tested these packets last May, before they went public. Carey's whole family gave them a try the other day:
Thanks to GastroLab, we knew exactly what we were dealing with. We gave the packs a quick but firm shake to eliminate any watery separation and commenced our dipping and squeezing. My sons were thrilled!

In the video, I noted that unlike the old-fashioned packets, you can't massage them to make sure the ketchup is well mixed. I got a watery spot in mine. Other than the fact that they contain ketchup (Sporkful fans know I'm no lover of the stuff), the lack of massage-ability was my main complaint about the new packaging. But Carey and sons solved that issue - well done! Here's that video in case you missed it.

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