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Listener Inadvertently Pimps Hot Dog

The Sporkful
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Jun 06, 2011

Amanda in DC sent this along...

I wanted to share something awesome that I stumbled upon over the weekend.  It was my daughter's 3rd birthday party, and we grilled hot dogs for the occasion -- one of her favorite foods. I had also prepared asparagus wrapped in prosciutto for the grown ups -- a celebration of spring, if you will...  So there I was at the buffet preparing a large plate for myself and my daughter (I find it easier to do this than trying to hold 2 plates or make 2 trips), and I was running out of room on the plate, so I haphazardly dropped a prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spear into my hot dog bun next to my hot dog. Realizing I had stumbled upon culinary brilliance, I ate the whole thing together and serious deliciousness ensued! I was particularly fond of the textural contrast between the crispy asparagus and the juicy hot dog.

Quite an innovation indeed. I'd think that any spear-shaped food could be added into a hot dog setup with ease. That includes more hot dogs. /dan

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