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Live: Danny Trejo, From Lockup to Donut Shop

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Apr 25, 2019

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If you get cast in a movie with Danny Trejo, there's a pretty good chance your character is not going to make it to the end. Trejo has played in films like Zombie Bride, Zombie Hunter, and Rise of the Zombies. Not to mention The Burning Dead, Dead in Tombstone, and Dead Badge.

Trejo's real life set has been just as colorful, taking him from prison inmate to drug counselor to taco king.


In recent years, Trejo has become well-known in L.A. for his restaurants: Trejo's Tacos, Trejo's Cantina, and Trejo's Coffee and Donuts. You can often find him there signing autographs and posing for selfies with fans. At 74 years old, Trejo is an a "civic treasure" and an "L.A. institution" – the "kind of guy who's always throwing out the first pitch of the Dodgers games," L.A. natives tell us.

This week, Trejo traces his path from heroin dealer to drug counselor to L.A. actor, and explains how a decades-old joke with his mom led to an unexpected career in food.

This episode contains explicit language.

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Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

- "New Old" by JT Bates

- "Saturn Returns" by Kenneth J. Brahmstedt

- "Sun So Sunny" by Calvin Dashielle

- "Summer Getaway" by Stephen Clinton Sullivan

- "Summer Of Our Lives" by Stephen Clinton Sullivan

Photos: Courtesy of Flickr and Trejo's Tacos.

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