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Mark Twain: Eater (w/ Andrew Beahrs) (Ep 101)

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Dec 13, 2011

If Mark Twain were alive today, we're quite sure he would be proud to wear The Sporkful fan's moniker: Eater. Why are the fat lines on a steak like a road map? Find out when we talk to the author of "Twain's Feast: Seaching for America's Lost Foods in the Footsteps of Samuel Clemens" about the gustatory passions of a legendary Eater. (Note: The book is just out in paperback, but we've given you the link to the hardcover, because it's actually $2.25 cheaper than the paperback on Amazon. Or get it for $9.99 in e-bookform. That is the kind of extra effort you get from The Sporkful!)

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