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Meet Four-Year-Old Kenneth of Anchorage, the Newest President of the Junior Eaters Society

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Feb 15, 2013

Meet four-year-old Kenneth W. of Anchorage, Alaska. He loves to listen to The Sporkful in the car with his father, Eater Jason, and judging by this photo, he's a promising young member of the Eatscape.

With the submission of this photo Kenneth has been named the latest President of The Sporkful Junior Eaters Society, and he'll soon be receiving a signed certificate confirming the achievement.

Remember, all members of the SJES are presidents, and there is no cost for attaining the highest office in the land. Simply email us a photo of your young one in the kitchen hard at work, eating with gusto, or engaging in any other Sporkfulesque behavior. Photos or scans of a child's artistic representations of food, eating, or The Sporkful are also acceptable.

Congratulations Kenneth!

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