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Natasha Leggero And Moshe Kasher Save Dan’s Marriage

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Sep 02, 2019

Husband-and-wife comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher often perform standup together. In their recent Netflix special, they invite couples onstage and offer them relationship advice (and also roast them...just a LITTLE).

Now Natasha and Moshe are expanding their relationship advice offerings -- with their new podcast, The Endless Honeymoon.

Clearly it's work for which they have special expertise, as they told one interviewer:

Moshe: The truth is, Natasha and I don’t fight very often. And we don’t get sick of one another very often. And I think when I figured that part out, I was like, Okay, I think I can marry this girl.
Natasha: That’s an important quality when you’re looking for a partner: They can’t annoy the shit out of you.
Moshe: It’s funny for how many couples that is just not true. I’m a hopeless romantic.

0081_057_IMG_7770 (1)

This week on The Sporkful, Natasha and Moshe help Dan and his wife Janie (above) resolve their long-simmering marital conflicts involving hand soap and hosting dinner parties.

Can Moshe and Natasha help Dan and Janie figure out how to work together before a big party? Listen in to find out.

Plus, Moshe and Natasha debate their favorite Jewish dishes. Natasha's family is Italian-American, but she converted to Judaism when she married Moshe -- and she has strong opinions about matzoh ball soup.

"I don't want it falling apart. I like that it's gonna be a ball sitting in the pit of my stomach eventually. But you don't want it to be hard," she tells Dan.

And Dan, Moshe, and Natasha reveal their favorite fast food dishes, including the taco that changed Moshe's life:

"It's honestly one of the most delicious things that I've ever tasted. It's so good!" he says.

Listen in to the full episode for that big reveal.

Interstitial music in this show by Black Label Music:

- "Still In Love With You" by Stephen Sullivan

- "Party Hop" by Jack Ventimiglia

- "New Old" by James Thomas Bates

Photo courtesy of Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher

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