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See The Sporkful live with host Dan Pashman and special guests -- coming soon to a city (hopefully) near you!

This fall, there’s a new apple coming. It’s been 20 years in the making, and its launch will be the biggest in apple history. We hear the story behind its conception and birth.

In this special Sporkful investigation, we order sandwiches around New York City to find out whether places make smaller sandwiches for women.

This week's entire episode is a game: Two Chefs And A Lie. The rules are simple. Dan will speak with three alleged chefs. Then he, and you, have to figure out which one's a fake.

Fashion icon Simon Doonan talks us through his views on food and its curious connections to fashion, self-help, Marianne Williamson, and surviving the HIV crisis in the 1980s.

The husband-and-wife comedians help Dan and his wife Janie work out long-simmering arguments over hand soap and dinner parties. Plus, Natasha and Moshe discuss their own marital tensions.

The founder of Milk Street hates celebrations and says pleasure's annoying. He tells us why he thinks cooking isn't about either, and how he got this way.