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PB&???: Make Your Voice Heard

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Feb 23, 2010
We're planning part two of peanut butter sandwiches for rollout next week. This time, we're going beyond mere fruit spread, since that is so Episode 6. But before we do the show, we need to hear more from you. Some of you have already weighed in on bread selection, sides, toasting, and of course, crunchy v. smooth peanut butter. Bacon, Nutella, banana, marshmallow, dill relish, and mayo have all gotten vigorous defenses as PB companions.


But we want to know more. Keep the thoughts coming in the comments and we'll work your ideas into the show. My pick for the ultimate peanut butter playmate? Let's just say Lady Gaga and I agree on what's VERY IMPORTANT. /mg


Photo: Flickr Creative Commons / kimberlykv
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