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PB&???: Make Your Voice Heard

Posted on Feb 23, 2010
We're planning part two of peanut butter sandwiches for rollout next week. This time, we're going beyond mere fruit spread, since that is so Episode 6. But before we do the show, we need to hear more from you. Some of you have already weighed in on bread selection, sides, toasting, and of course, crunchy v. smooth peanut butter. Bacon, Nutella, banana, marshmallow, dill relish, and mayo have all gotten vigorous defenses as PB companions.


But we want to know more. Keep the thoughts coming in the comments and we'll work your ideas into the show. My pick for the ultimate peanut butter playmate? Let's just say Lady Gaga and I agree on what's VERY IMPORTANT. /mg


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Donna says:

OK now I see here is where the PB and pickle eaters are. Glad to know I was not alone.

Mel says:

Don't knock it till you try it! A strangely tasty combination is peanut butter and bologna. Creamy PB (JIF is my favorite) on both pieces of bread then a slice of Oscar Meyer bologna. Best on a basic wheat bread.

Jackie says:

My grandpa used to always make toasted pb, honey and banana which were a good treat but as far as every day i prefer white bread heavy on the pb light on the jelly. In the summer and fall I go to my lake house and once a weekend I make a pb&J hobo sandwhich. You make a pb&J then butter the outside like a grilled cheese. Then you place it in a hobo pie maker (http://www.goodmans.net/item.asp?n=BC-82361&k=BC-82361&sc=FRGL) and cook it over the bonfire. When it is done you have a warm pocket sandwhich that is crunchy on the outside and is full of a gooy combination of pb&J. mmmmmmm

Anonymous says:

I don't know if it've posted before on this, but why do you make us click twice to see comments? You have to click on comments, then click again to see all comments. I'll click once, that's OK, but twice is too much.

amy says:

Extra-crunchy PB & DILL pickles on wheat bread, the seedier, the better. The dill pickles need to be those refrigerated ones (Vlasick, I think is the brand), sandwich slicers. YUM, YUM, & YUMMY!!!

Wayne Brekke says:

To me the best PB&J is the one from my childhood. It's classic, child-like, and makes me happy. White Wonder Bread, buttered lightly, equal parts peanut butter to Welch's Grape Jelly. Serve with a large class of cold milk. Blame my parents who would always try to make thin sandwiches with Potato or wheat bread, with just enough jelly to make the bread all soggy...eww.

Jack says:

Peanut butter and bacon on a toasted poppy bagel is about as good as it gets for breakfast food after a night of moderate to serious inebriation. Add banana if you want to create the illusion of something moderately healthy, but do so at the risk of throwing off the perfect balance of salty and sweet in one artery-choking hunk of protein. My grandfather taught me this sandwich, it gets some weird looks at the deli, but really it is the marriage of 3 perfect foods. Oh, and my grandfather did not make it into his late 60's due to heart disease, but I am sure that is completely unrelated.

tonyhopedale says:

Peanut butter and sour pickles on toast. Let the toast cool a bit before spreading the peanut butter if you're concerned about the liquifying of the PB.

Phoenix Murphy says:

Truly enjoyed part 1 of the peanut butter podcast, some great material in there. However, I feel like the discussion was largely opinion based, and the focus was more on consistency of this PB&J "ideal" if you will-- the classic PB&J we had as kids.But what about the next generation of sandwich? There is a whole health MOVEMENT going on, and I feel like the "classic" PB&J does not resonate with this at all. What about all the other options? It's not just peanut butter anymore.Many health-conscious people have found alternatives to peanut butter-- almond butter, cashew butter, raw tahini, to name a few. And don't forget we also live in a day and age when many kids have SEVERE peanut butter allergies, many do not have the option of bringing peanuts within a 10-foot radius of other kids. This brings a whole new realm of tastes and textures into the mix.With respect to health, some may choose to substitute jam or jelly with honey, banana slices, or nutella, some of which I see are already on the discussion list. There are also a lot of other options as far as bread-- during late night work sessions, I've even topped a blueberry waffle with a layer of nutella, and then one of almond butter; a truly delicious treat at 4 AM.Sincerely loving the podcast; it's a refreshing and light-hearted topic to think about. I will be sure to recommend it to everyone I know.-Phoenix Murphy

Amanda says:

My favorite peanut butter sandwich is an Elvis sandwich. In fact, I love them so much, that when my boyfriend does something wrong, he brings home the ingredients and makes them to butter me up (literally). An Elvis sandwich is a peanut butter (creamy, I prefer either Skippy or Peanut Butter Company), honey and sliced bananas and bacon on white or wheat bread fried up like a grilled cheese (with butter in a pan). The bread shouldn't be too flavorful because there is so much flavor going on in the sandwich.It is delectable. If you're too hungry to wait for bacon (or to squeamish to try it), this sandwich is also amazing without. As with most good foods, proper ratios are key. If the medium of consumption of peanut butter changes though, I argue the type of peanut butter required changes. Toasted English muffins require crunchy (I like Peter Pan extra crunchy). Crunchy peanut butter isn't going to cut it in a crepe.I have to agree, after having lived in India, where tastes run to SUPER sweetness, that sweet Jelly is not a good compensation for lack of sweetness in peanut butter. I'm pro-healthy peanut butter in cooking, but not in a spreading context.On a side note:Peanut butter is sort of a petri dish for bacteria. Licking your knife, (or spoon, which is my preferred pb spreading utensil) is opening you up to more diseases. Not that I let that stop me from eating peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar...

Les says:

It's toweringly highbrow and abstracted almost to the brink of irrelevancy, but as a point of interest, here's a post about the restaurant Alinea's "deconstructed" PB&J:"...the sandwich is presented on a structure resembling a whisk with the loops cut off. At the top of the structure is a single grape, still attached to its stem, dipped in peanut purée and wrapped in brioche."Just like what your mom used to pack in your lunch bag.http://onewaystreet.typepad.com/one_way_street/2010/01/deconstruction-architecture-and-a-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich.html

meena says:

i prefer the crunchy! hope u guys are well : )

Naomi says:

I'm with Jay on the butter "barrier." Also: My favorite PB sandwich is apple butter, peanut butter, and raisins. All the better on sunflower or cinnamon bread.

sclevine says:

OK - will get one later in the week...

Jay C. Batzner says:

I'm curious what you guys think about the use of regular butter in a PB or PB&J sandwich. I have used butter as an "anti-jelly barrier" in the past and sometimes use butter on PB toast because I like the added salt and fat. Is this acceptable or should I hang my head in shame?

The Sporkful says:

Sclevine, we'd love a pic of the heart-shaped PBJ to put on the blog. /mg

sclevine says:

My contributions: (1) my fav is a slightly warm, open face, bagel, with lots of PB (crunchy is the only way to go) and some J. (2) my 8 year old girl makes me cut the bread in heart shape, rather than half or triangles, etc, when I make her school lunch.Been a few days since I listened to the episode, and maybe I recall this incorrectly, but was there really a point where Mark was talking about trying to limit knife usage to save on hand washing of dishes? Give me a break! If you can't stand the mixing, or can't wipe down with a napkin, and can't wash 2 knives, you don't deserve PB&J! I apologize if I dreamed that or are making it up :)

Travis says:

How about dried fruit? Raisins, apricot, craisins, pretty much anything that might show up in a bag of trail mix is pretty good with peanut butter.