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Photos: Behind the Scenes of a Deep Fried Taping for ABC’s The Chew

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Feb 16, 2012

We fried up a number of novel concoctions for our debut on ABC's The Chew today. We cooked seven dishes, five of which made the show. Here's a guide to the above photos, including pics of the dishes that made it into our bellies, but not onto the air:1. In the kitchen of Chip Shop in Brooklyn, preparing to assault the fryolator.

2. The frying oil is placid now, but soon it will bubble with frying fury.

3. Various foods pre-fry.

4. The awesome crew from The Chew shoots some beauty shots of the food.

5. The deep fried bagel with lox, which we agreed was the most successful of our fried creations. Something magical happened to the lox when it was deep fried -- it became soft and tender, and juicier.

6. Here's one dish that didn't make it on The Chew. It's a deep fried hot dog, placed on a hot dog bun with bologna, American cheese, a scrambled egg, and french fries, then bolted together with sticks and deep fried. Call it a Deep Fried Dog Supreme.

7. The aforementioned Deep Fried Dog Supreme, after being deep fried.

8. These aren't meatballs, they're mealballs. A Brussels sprout encased in ground beef encased in mac and cheese and deep fried. It's a whole meal, in ball form. Just what the world's been waiting for!

9. The mealballs after being deep fried. Mine's bigger than Mark's, natch.

10. Inside the mealball!

11. Hot dogs encased in Twinkies and Devil Dogs, before being deep fried.

12. Amazingly, the Twinkie almost completely overpowered the flavor of the hot dog. Almost.

13. All of our various deep fried creations, including deep fried sushi (upper right), which didn't make the cut either, it turns out the fish in sushi is raw for a reason. When you cook it in a fryolator, it's not as good. Also note Mark's Deep Fried Dog Supreme (top center), which didn't hold together quite so well.

See our segment on The Chew here!


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