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Sporkful DC Meetup

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Aug 05, 2011


We got a great crowd at the DC meetup the other day. Thanks so much to all the folks who came out! DC-area residents will now know who among them is especially awesome, since several people bought Sporkful T-shirts. Thanks so much for your support!

I had a blast meeting everyone and hearing about the local food scene. Key topics of conversation included international foods DC does especially well (many), the local cupcake backlash (great news) and DC's food truck scene (rapidly expanding).

Thanks also to our Serbian bartender Boris, with whom I had a great conversation about food from the Balkans as the night wrapped up. We bonded over the awesomeness of pljeskavica and cevapi, the meat patties/sausages that are well worth seeking out. /mark

Photo: Flickr CC / Dan Boyce

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