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Sporkful Eater Creates Bacon & Whiskey Pecan Pie

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May 11, 2011


Paul in Chicago sees no reason why whiskey, bacon and pie should live in separate worlds, so he signed up for a pie contest:

There was bacon and bacon fat cut into the crust and a tablespoon of whiskey in the pecan filling. . . This was a nerve racking event for me because it was the first time I ever attempted to make a pie. I know it was a good tasting pie when my wife took a bite and said she loved it. She doesn't have delusions of bacon like I do. Sadly, I came in second place, losing to a Moroccan chicken pie. But I feel I was the crowd favorite, seeing people simultaneously smiling and lusting as I revealed my pie.

A Sporkful Eater knows food lust when he sees it. I'm sure the Moroccan chicken pie was good, but I'd love a slice of Paul's creation. Fine work, especially considering it's his first pie. /mark

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