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Sporkful Eater Deploys Hybrid Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee Purity

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Aug 18, 2011

Our episode with Marc Maron from the WTF podcast launched a movement to use coffee ice cubes to prevent iced coffee dilution. Actually, we're not sure we can take credit for the movement, but in any case, Sporkful Eaters are documenting its growth.

But Jeff writes with a special concern and an ingenious solution of magical complexity:

When you're done drinking the coffee, what is the fate of the coffee cubes? You could wait (quite a while) for them to melt into liquid coffee and then drink them. Or you could simply dump them in the sink. I don't like either of these solutions, especially the dumping one, since I'm on a student's budget... My solution is this: when you make plain ice cubes, don't fill the tray to the brim with water. Make the cubes about half or 2/3 the normal size. Once they're frozen, crack them so they're no longer clinging to the tray, and pour some coffee over them. Throw them back in the freezer. When they're frozen, they'll be the perfect ice cubes for iced coffee. The exteriors won't dilute your drink, and the interiors aren't costly to throw away.

Hyperengineering that prevents iced coffee dilution AND prevents wasted coffee? That's a concept I can back. I haven't tested this to see what the laws of physics have to say about this, but I applaud Jeff's creative thinking. Jeff also has another good idea:

I think "Eater" should be a name suffix like "Ph.D" or "Esquire" for Sporkful fans.

Sounds good to us! /mark

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