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Sporkful Eater Experiments with One-Sided Toast for BBQ Sandwich

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Sep 27, 2011

One-sided came up in our recent BLT episode as a possible toasting technique especially suited for BLT deployment. One sided toast can be made using a broiler, a tool I used before I had a toaster. (Yes, I'm aware it's a phenomenally wasteful way to toast bread, but hey, I needed toast here and there.) Adam in Boston, who was an early Very Important Eater and longtime supporter (you can be too!), has been experimenting with the concept for another sandwich, since his new apartment has neither toaster nor toaster oven:

We were preparing some pulled pork BBQ sandwiches and I was not looking forward to eating them without some toasted bread. Then I remembered Mark using his oven's broiler for years before joining the world of toaster users. Worked like a charm. And I have to say it was pretty enjoyable to have the sandwich soft on the inside but perfectly evenly toasted on the outside.

As I was down on one knee peeking into the oven to keep an eye on the toasting process, I looked up to my girlfriend and said, "You know where I learned this?"

She rolled her eyes and said, "What, those Sporkful guys?"

Of course it was those guys! We wish Adam and his girlfriend a fantastic toaster oven shopping experience. Great to hear Adam is practicing thoughtful toasting by taking a knee to monitor his bread. /mark

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