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Sporkful Fan Chomps His Way through Australia

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Aug 06, 2010

Sporkful pen pal Sam in Oklahoma (last seen here receiving pineapple wisdom from you) writes with a show and tell from his trip to Australia:

I got to try a desert called pavlova which is utterly delicious. Meringue, kiwi, passion fruit, strawberries, whipped cream and bananas. I also tried kangaroo steak. I did have some lamb which was not bad. Then there was the candy war, or should I say lolly war. The two main candy (lolly) companies in Australia are Nestle and Cadbury, and they are duking it out. Each has a candy that is the near equivalent of the other's! Amidst the chaos I did find lolly nirvana. I found it in the sweet crunchiness of the Cadbury Crunchie Bar. It is chocolate covered honeycomb and pure deliciousness. I would like to thank you for your suggestions as they did lead to some very good eats.
Great to hear Sam had lamb and kangaroo, which I always go for at any Australian restaurant. I've never had pavlova, but I know now that I need to. What are your Australian food favorites? /mark
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