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Want to have fun cooking with your kids, and get them so high on sugar that they'll clean up the mess? If you're like me, you love s'mores. But after all these years of campfire greatness, I think they need some new ideas.

My trip to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona was way too short, but still filled with fantastic food, a mix of old favorites revisited and tasty new discoveries. Tacos book-ended the Tucson visit, from El Guero Canelo, a taco truck that grew to a mini-empire and inspired a Calexico song, to Molcas, a far smaller place with empire-sized taste. Other highlights

Following up on last week's omelet show, we tackle the ingredients of omelets (or omelettes if you prefer). How many should you use? What are the best choices and combos? We discuss all that and more. Photo: Flickr CC / sketch22

Photo: Flickr CC / jeffreyww

The Sporkful Our next episode is on BLTs. We examine the ingredients and construction and explain which ingredient is most like Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects. Sculptor Claes Oldenburg comes up too. That's his work "Giant BLT" in the video here. Interestingly, the sculpture comes in several parts, so whenever it's installed for display, the curator must make a BLT sandwich,

These lovingly composed photos from Jasmin Schuller reimagine classic desserts with hunks of meat. The accompanying text proudly points out that all the "sweets" are sugar free. Guten Appetit! /mark