We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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What Your Party Trash Says About You

Here's a photo of the aftermath of a recent party at my neighbor's house. I love that they sprung for PREMIUM Beast. What does this choice say about them? More

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Dan Takes the 60-Second Stir Fry Challenge at WNYC (VIDEO)

After talking granola on NY Public Radio, I took host Amy Eddings' 60-Second Stir Fry challenge, a video series of rapid fire questions about food trends, preferences, and whatever else Amy throws at you. Watch it! More


The Beer Chicks: The Sporkful Interview (Ep 120)

Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune, aka "The Beer Chicks," join us to expand our beer knowledge. They'll talk about how to pick a beer bar, women in the beer world... More


Elusive Koelsch Beer Visits Brooklyn

While in Germany last year (Sporkful eps, blog posts and more about Germany collected here), I lived in the region where the beer style called Koelsch dominates. We do get... More


Bartending, Part 2 (Ep 106)

This week, Sporkful again comes to you from a bar, Commodorein Brooklyn. We're back with bartender Yasmin Reshamwala, this time talking about what bar lessons we can use outside the... More


Talking Craft Beer on Canadian Radio

I had a great conversation about craft beer on the CBC radio program Q this week, triggered by their interest in the recent Slate piece I wrote about "beer sommeliers."... More


Bartending, Part 1 (Ep 105)

See the full gallery on Posterous This week, we're taking Sporkful on the road to learn a thing or two from a bartender. We did two episodes at Commodorein Brooklyn... More


Talking Sausage and Beer for Oktoberfest with Madeleine Brand

I joined Dan from Germany during Oktoberfest for our latest appearance on Madeleine Brand's show, talking beer and sausage. As I say often, there's a lot more to German food... More


On Mixing Beer and Sugary Things

We talked a bit about the mixing of beer and banana juice in one of our episodes from Germany. German media outlet Deutsche Welle invited me to write a commentary... More


Pics from Sporkful Berlin Meetup

See the full gallery on Posterous We had a fantastic meetup in Berlin, a highlight of my Germany adventure. It was a great turnout for our first European gathering. I... More